The first thing I can remember is that many hands worked on me, when I was created. They gave me my touch, my color and my shape. They worked on me until they were completely satisfied with how I looked. Only then I was sent to a place where I met others like me, but different in shape, in size and in color. We were all special and many people came to see us, touch us and try us on, until finally, one day, a young lady came into the shop and I immediately knew she was different. „I love you!“, was the first thing she said to me and I was very proud when she handed me to the sales person, who carefully put me into a soft dust bag.

The next thing I can remember was, when the young lady took me out of the bag and Ifound myself in a small, but very well decorated flat, where I was put on the table. For hours I stood there just enjoying the new environment, until she started putting things into me: a wallet, some make-up, chewing gum and a set of keys. I was very excited!

From that day on I was used almost every day. Event though she had other bags as well, I was the one she took with her to go to work, or when she was traveling to far away places. Sometimes I had to carry more, sometimes less and sometimes I was so full I could barely hold my stitches together, but the older I got, the softer I became and it was easier for me to adapt to the different situations. Now I am old and a bit shabby, but I can tell you many many stories. The young lady is not that young anymore and she has stopped using me a couple of years ago. This does not mean that I am sitting on a shelf, waiting for something to happen and putting on dust.

On the contrary, she gave to her daughter and it feels just like in the old days. I am carried with the same pride and love and it’s exactly my used look the girl likes about me. And there is one thing I am certain of: there will be many more stories for me to tell…

Why Leather is sustainable

Sustainability is becoming the word of 2021 in the world of fashion. The industry is using this period of struggle, orientation and change to do the only right thing – focus on the Agenda 2030. Alaska has decided to be part of that movement as well, and is launching their project #Alaska2030 to make a change. Leather is a natural material and a by-product of the meat industry. If we don’t use it and make beautiful articles out of it, the hides would go to landfill. Upcycling for us it’s not a trend – we literally have done it for centuries. Now it is time to make the next step and shift towards a more sustainable way of production. We want to connect our whole supply chain to create a truly traceable and transparent production. Enabling the consumers to track where their beloved leather articles are coming from, how they were produced and who made them. Just a quick overview why leather is sustainable:

  1. Leather is sustainable because it is a natural material and a by-product.
  2. The production of leather includes chemicals (as every material does), but we are moving towards more and more sustainable practices.
  3. Leather doesn’t emit micro plastics during its life-cycle in difference to man-made materials such as PU or PVC.
  4. Leather has a very long life and can, if treated well, endure several years. It even becomes more beautiful with age and can easily be repaired rather than replaced.
  5. At end-of-life leather can be recycled or is biodegradable.

The next steps for us is to ensure that consumers can buy guilt-free, knowing the origin of the hide, the conditions of production, the products used and the love and effort we put in. Because leather goods are like companions who want to be treated well and if you do, they can tell you beautiful stories.