It was 9am on a rainy Tuesday when we were sitting in the Alaska meeting room discussing how we could improve our environmental footprint. The Flipchart became full quite quickly, but there was one recurrent topic easily outnumbering the others. Clean Energy. The shift towards green energy is crucial as it means a significant reduction of CO2 emission of a company and therefore its impact on the environment.
But where was our energy coming from? We were not sure and so we all agreed that this could be the first thing to tackle and easy to implement quickly. So we all opened our laptops or switched on the tablets and started searching on the web.

We wanted to learn what green energy actually means and how to find a sustainable energy provider. If you ever tried looking for green energy provider you might know the struggle to find the right one as there are plenty out there and they are all offering sustainable energy.

We discovered Gruppo Hera, which provided a quick and easy switch to their green certified energy.

Looking at their website we immediately liked the way how prominent environmental and social topics were presented and their multiple projects regarding sustainability. That’s when we decided to go for their offer. Now we can officially and very proudly announce


But what does that mean?

Instead of using fossil fuels, which are obviously damaging our planet and are furthermore a limited resource, Hera supplies us with wind, solar, geothermal and other sustainable energy sources.
This might seem an easy step, but unfortunately it is not yet popular enough as only a small percentage of people has yet done the shift. This is why we want to promote it and tell you how fast and easy it was. Everybody can and should do it.

We currently have so many different technologies producing clean energy, yet the investments on research and development are scarce. Making green energy scaleable is still a long process to go. Looking at the numbers users of renewable or clean energy are not increasing fast enough to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement 2015. Notwithstanding it’s such an effective method to lower the environmental impact of a private household or a company.

How often did you want to do more for the environment? This is YOUR chance to make the first step!

We consciously want to leave the smallest ecological footprint possible, and this is bringing us one step closer towards a smaller sized shoe. Obviously one made out of leather.